Holiday Assignments Class 12

Topics: Refraction, Specific heat capacity, Incandescent light bulb Pages: 3 (607 words) Published: October 26, 2012


One investigatory project is to be performed from the following list of suggested projects or from any topic related to senior school physics.

1. To study the quality of detergents by capillary rise method. 2. To study the effect of temperature on surface tension of liquids. 3. To study the factors affecting the rate of loss of heat of a liquid. 4. To study the breaking stress of different materials of varying diameter. 5. To study the Inter conversion of potential and kinetic energy. 6. To determine the specific heat capacity of liquids.

7. To study the factors affecting the range and height of a projectile. 8. To study the factors affecting the coefficient of friction between 2 surfaces. 9. To study the factors affecting the time period of a simple pendulum. 10. To determine Faraday’s constant.

11. To determine electrochemical equivalent of a material.
12. To study the validity of ohm’s law for different types of material. 13. To study various factors on which the internal resistance /emf of a cell depends. 14. To study variations, in current flowing in a circuit containing a LDR , because of variation.

a. In the power of the incandescent lamp used to ‘illuminate’ the LDR. (keeping all the lamps at a fixed distance)
b. In the distance of an incandescent lamp, (of fixed power), used to ‘illuminate’ the LDR.
15. To find the refractive indices of (a) water (b) oil (transparent) using a plane mirror, an equiconvex lens, (made from a glass of known refractive index) and an adjustable object needle.
16. To design an appropriate logic gate combination for a given truth table. 17. To investigate the relation between the ratio of
a. Output and input voltage.
b. Number of turns in the secondary coil of a self designed transformer. 18. To investigate the dependence, of the angle of deviation, the angle of incidence, using a hollow prism filled, one by one, with different transparent fluids. 19. To...
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