"Holes" Film Essay

Topics: Louis Sachar, Stanley Yelnats' Survival Guide to Camp Green Lake, Holes Pages: 2 (592 words) Published: May 25, 2013
Holes Essay

How does holes explore important ideas and entertain viewers effectively?

The movie Holes, directed by Andrew Davies in 2003, is a great example of a movie with many themes, symbols and motifs, film techniques and obviously lots of comedy, yet through this comedy and sometimes silly antics, deep down, it portrays good life ideas and provides a good example of important ideas. This essay will outline explain its important ideas including life lessons and important motifs and how it entertains viewers.

The range and formatting of the different characters in Holes help the multi-linear storyline to unwind. Stanley Yelnats (protagonist 1) gets sent to a camp called Camp Green lake, which is ironic because there is no green pasture, or a lake. He is a shy, unusual character, which adds to the comedy. He befriends another unlikely character by the name Hector “zero” Zeroni (protagonist 2). Things get off to a rough start when the two don’t like each other, but later form a strong bond of friendship and loyalty. This is shown when the two stick together throughout the camp. Stanley teaches Zero to read in return for digging part of Stanleys hole. This strong bond of friendship helps them get through the camp, and shows us, the audience, the meaning of friendship. This strong bond between the two also portray loyalty and courage, when Stanley carries Zero up the top of a mountain in order for them to stay alive and it also breaks the curse set on the Yelnats family. It also flashes back to the olden times, where the story starts. Elya Yelnats gets a curse put on him by a lady named Madame Zeroni. This is when the many themes and stories start to come together. This is a short part of the story, but is important because it starts the story and helps us understand why things happen. It then flashes forward to a Wild West setting, with two characters names Kate and Sam. Although very unlike, the form a strong friendship which turns into love. Many...
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