Social Psychology Perspectives in the Movie Shrek

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Kelly Scipione
Social Psychology
Social Psychological Principles

Social Psychological Principles in the Movie Shrek (2001)
For most people, movies are made for entertainment. However, there are also movies that go beyond merely entertaining its audience. There are films that have been created making use of psychological principles, which enrich the movie-viewing experience of audiences. This paper will focus on the movie Shrek, which was released in 2001, directed by Andrew Adamson and Vicky Jenson. Shrek tells the story of a green ogre named Shrek and a princess named Fiona. Shrek was feared by all the people in the town of Duloc. He lived alone in a swamp, which he one day found to be swamped with fairy tale creatures. The fairy tale creatures had no choice but to take refuge in Shrek’s swamp after they were banished and exiled to the woods by Lord Farquaad. Wanting to restore the peace in his life and fervently desiring to live on his own, he went to Duloc to ask Lord Farquaad to give him back his land. However, it wasn’t going to be easy for Shrek to get back his swamp without getting anything in return. Lord Farquaad entered into an agreement with Shrek – Shrek was to help Lord Farquaad in his dream of becoming the ruler of a kingdom by rescuing Princess Fiona so that Lord Farquaad can marry her. In return, Lord Farquaad would give Shrek back his swamp and take away all the fairy tale creatures who took temporary residence there. Shrek agreed to this agreement and he was soon on a journey to rescue Princess Fiona. After rescuing Princess Fiona, who did not expect to be rescued by an ogre, he started to fall in love with her. Fiona, who was bound by a spell and turns into an ogre at sunset, also slowly began to fall in love with Shrek after spending time with him and getting to know him. However, conflict arose when Shrek overheared Fiona and the donkey talking to each other. Shrek only hears a part of the conversation which he immediately assumes was...
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