Hoi Tin Tong Analysis

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Hoi Tin Tong Analysis

Hoi Tin Tong is celebrated for its main product, Herbal Jelly namely Gui Ling Gow which is made of a kind of Chinese medicine formula. The marketing mix (4Ps) will be discussed in details in the following paragraph in order to have a general view of the company.

Different varieties
Products like Fresh Herbal Jelly, Pearl Turtle Jelly, Gui Ling Gow were found. Obviously, different ingredients are added to attract people from two aspects, the flavor and the benefits, say, soothing cough and improving body organ. Nowadays, options for chosen are very common, Hoi Tin Tong is not an exception. It has developed a series named Freshness Retained Jelly for take away instead of finishing it at once. Quality

Hoi Tin Tong claims that they sell product only with the finest quality. Top graded raw ingredients are used in their Turtle Jelly. Good quality can keep customer from patronizing again and again.

List Price
The price of the Turtle Jelly at the price of $50 has not been raised since the first shop is opened. New products are selling in a reasonable price as well like the Freshness Retained Jelly Series. Each costs $35. Discount

Numerous special offers can be seen when we pay a visit to its website. E-coupon can be printed out and use. 30% off is provided if customers would like to get a thousand dollars cash coupon and two fresh herbal jelly and a box of snake gull tangerine peel powder will be given. Such offers encourage customer to spend more and some discounts are just too attractive that even mean customer would spend some to enjoy the benefit of it.

Advertisement in both the TV and magazines can be easily found. All ages can name out ‘Hero Gui Ling Gow’ which is a hit advertisement in the prime time. Much sponsorship can be observed that Hoi Tin Tong usually titled before TV Shows’ name to show its sponsorships is a kind of advertisement. Public Relation...
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