Hobsons Choice

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The play, "Hobson's choice," written by Harold Brighouse, was set during the time period when women's rights were forbidden - not being allowed to vote for example. In doing so, Harold Brighouse combines both comedy and confliction, between all of the characters.

When the curtain comes up, you see Hobson's daughters on the stage in the shop. Maggie, who is hard working that she will succeed by perusing her wishes rather than her fathers. The audience would perhaps find this situation strange as women during the 19th century were not thought of as business women. As a result of this, tension rises as Maggie is defying the stereotype regarding women. She defies the fact that most women don't make something of themselves. By looking at the account books, it portrays her personality as forceful, forthright and a business type woman. As Maggie examines the account book, it displays that she is intellectual as she understand maths and she straight seems to be more noticeable from her other sisters as soon as she enters the scene. She automatically seems to look superior to them.

During the Victorian days, women had to abide by specific regulations. One of these regulations being that you had to obey your father as he was generally the master. There is a huge amount of debate in the play, "Hobson's choice," due to this certain rule. An example of differences developing due to that rule is when they are discussing what time to have dinner: "Dinner will be when I come in for it. I'm master here." By Hobson actually announcing that he is master, he in my opinion is not only reminding his daughters that he is superior and his daughters are second best to him, but I feel that he is also reminding himself. This could be as he may be losing control over his daughters.

In a sense, a debate occurs when Hobson and his three daughters are discussing marriage proposals as well. "You thought me past the marrying age. I'm not that's all." Here, Maggie is refusing to be...
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