Commentary Maggi, a Girl of the Streets

Topics: Stephen Crane, Novel, 2003 in film Pages: 4 (1274 words) Published: May 1, 2013
Stephen Crane
Maggie, a Girl of the Streets

The excerpt that I would like to comment belongs to Chapter XV. It goes from: ‘Through the open door curious… to the end of this chapter.

First at all, this novel represents a great novel from the late 19th century where it is focused in the corrupted and industrial New York society at that times which main character is a young lady called Maggie. This work is based in the realism that Crane shows by the figure of Maggie and it is regarded as the first American naturalistic novel.

Stephen during all this work is showing us the different confrontations, personal relationships, emotional and tragic familiar moments that daily people used to suffered from the lower class society.

In the excerpt that I’m going to discuss, it is reflected one of the most important moments of Maggie through over the novel. It is when Maggie return back home but her mother, her brother and her gossip neighbors reject her and mistreated her by her actions.

‘Through the open door curious eyes stared in at Maggie. Children ventured into the room and ogled her, as if they formed the front row at a theatre. Women, without, bended toward each other and whispered, nodding their heads with airs of profound philosophy.’

It is amazing how all the neighbor from her house reacts gossiping at the Maggie’s return. This scene it is recreated such as theatre where Maggie is the main character and the rest are the public who are assisting to a tragic-comedy. Nobody has any sense of dignity where this kind of things are not the business of anyone, just from Maggie, her mother and Jimmy her brother. Nobody has to know what is happening during their conversation. There is an abuse of the intimacy of Maggie’s family. They are exposing their circumstances and their problem to their entire neighbor. All this seem like a heard of animals.

‘A baby, overcome with curiosity concerning this object at which all were looking, sidled...
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