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  • Published : January 21, 2013
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Chapter 1

1. How can human resource management contribute to a company’s success? Human resource can contribute to a company’s success in that, it helps the organization motivate people ensuring that their goals are met and satisfied, individual’s goals or needs could vary from money, self-realization, learning, developing and more so growing as an individual. 2. Imagine that a small manufacturing company decides to invest in a materials resource planning (MRP) system. This is a computerized information system that improves efficiency by automating such work as planning needs for resources, ordering materials, and scheduling work on the shop floor. The company hopes that with the new MRP system, it can grow by quickly and efficiently processing small orders for a variety of products. Which of the human resource functions are likely to be affected by this change? How can human resource management help the organization carry out this change successfully? The human resource functions likely to be affected by almost all nine functions of Human resources. The design of work would need to be considered in a new light than it was before the change in systems. The human resource management job would change itself as it’d become automated, Recruitment, selection, hiring as well as training would require some modifications. Performance management would need to be reevaluated because of the changes from the new system. Human resource management can help the organization carry out the change successfully by using its knowledge of individual’s behavior as well as performance management tools so as to help the organization to manage the process in a productive manner. 3. What skills are important for success in human resource management? Which of these skills are already strengths of yours? Which would you like to develop?

The skills important for Human resource management are as follows: * Organizational
* Business Ethics
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