Recruiting and Retainging the Right People

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Recruiting and retaining the right people

The purpose of human resource management
Human resources are responsible for the hiring process and the training of the employees. After the employment and training processes they will have to keep the staff motivated by using different techniques. By using different motivation techniques they will be able to retain staff. Retaining staff is important for a business as they won’t have to pay out the cost of hiring new people. If they had low retention of staff they would constantly have to hire new people which would be expensive, the costs of advertising the job offer, the interview process and the training of new employees. It would also be harder to retain customers as they wouldn’t be able to develop relationships with the customers as they are only there for a short period of time. Having new people working on a regular basis would mean that they are just starting so they won’t be as experienced as other people, which would make service slow which could give the customers a bad experience, which would make them go somewhere else. There are different types of ways that human resources can motivate staff. Keeping data of staff will help them keep up to date with what the employees, the more the companies know their staff, the better the retention will be as the staff will feel valued. Team meetings are also a way to make staff feel valued as they can give their opinions of current matters and ask to change aspects to make their job better which will give the company and idea of what the staff and customers want to make the company better. This will give a higher level of retention as the staff will feel part of the business and the customers will be getting what they want. Team meetings can also monitor the staffs punctuality and attendance so they can assess whether the employee is right for the business, if the employee is always calling in sick or always turning up late, they can then ask why the employee is...
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