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2013 - 2014

College of Nursing and Health Studies

SCI 144: Human Body Systems II

Credit: 4 HoursPrerequisite: NoneLength of course: 10 weeksClass Time:Class location:| Instructor Name: Dr. Blase Romence Phone: 217-793-4144 E-mail: |


This course focuses on the fundamental principles of the structure, function, and organization of the human body through the study of major body systems including integumentary, nervous, the senses, endocrine, blood and cardiovascular. Medical terminology and pathology for systems is covered. Critical thinking based on the academic subject matter is developed and enables the incorporation of cognitive knowledge in the performance of psychomotor and affective domains. This course includes a laboratory component.

Colbert, B. J., Ankney, J. & Lee, K.T. Anatomy, Physiology, & Disease: An Interactive Journey for Health Professionals. Pearson Education, Inc., Upper Saddle River, NJ: ISBN 978-0-13-135966-6: 2990

Colbert, B.J., Ankney, J. & Lee, K.T, and Marieb, Elaine N. Workbook for Anatomy, Physiology, & Disease: An Interactive Journey for Health Professionals with Essentials of Human Anatomy & Physiology Laboratory Manual. Pearson Learning Solutions, 501 Boylston Street, Suite 900, Boston, MA 02116: ISBN 978-0-558-84433-2: 2010

Attire: RMU Uniform

Student Kit
SCI 144 Human Body Systems II

Item| Quantity|
Non-latex gloves| 4 boxes per class|
Microscope slides| 50 per class|
Black, pointed felt-tip marker| 6 per class|
Red, pointed felt-tip marker| 6 per class|
Tuning fork (256 hz)| 5 per class|
Simulated blood typing exercise| 1 per 6 students|
Sheep brain (formaldehyde free)| 1 per 2 students|
Sheep heart or fetal pig (formaldehyde free)| 1 per 2 students| Hematocrit tubes| 2 per student|
Lancets| 3 per student|
Alcohol swabs| 1 box (200) per class|
Tallquist hemoglobin scales| 1 per student|
Cotton tip applicator| 2 per student|
Penlight| 1 per student|

*On the first or second day of class, ALL students MUST locate their “vouchers” in the student kits. All students will then give their vouchers to their instructors for the “vouchered” supply items. Instructors will hand deliver all the student vouchers to the bookstore in order to receive the correct quantity of supply items. The bookstore will collect the vouchers for inventory purposes and they will not be returned to the instructor. The instructor will then maintain the vouchered supply items in the lab until the required item is needed. At that time the student will receive his or her vouchered supply items. This process will be guided by the instructor. Note: The instructor will always maintain the vouchered supply items for safety purposes.

**Students, following proper instruction, will place ALL biohazardous waste in the small biohazard bag provided in each student kit. All biohazardous waste will then be safely placed in the designated biohazard storage container. ALL sharps will be discarded in rigid/puncture proof sharps containers. This process will be guided by your instructor.

SCI 144: Human Body Systems II


Upon completion of the course, students will be able to:
1. Demonstrate knowledge of the construction of medical terms including prefixes, suffixes, root words, plurals, and combining forms. 2. Use, pronounce, and spell anatomical and medical terminology. 3. Analyze the different body systems for composition and function. 4. Recognize the physiological concepts that affect the human body function when homeostasis is not maintained. 5. Understand the anatomy, physiology, and common pathologies related to the integumentary, nervous,...
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