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Ovo’s Declassified Adsense Survival Guide//The Parrot’s Guide to Trading Foreword:
This is an all-inclusive guide to starting a blog, getting Adsense, making your blog ready to trade, and trading. It’s long as hell, I know that, but trading is complicated and multi-faceted so it’s better to read a longass guide that covers everything you need to know than a dumbed down guide that explains next to nothing. I will be more than happy to explain anything and give you as much help as you need. Don’t be afraid to ask. Table of Contents:

A. Setting Up Your Blog
1. Making the Blog
2. Picking a Niche
3. Picking a Title
4. Picking a Theme
5. Getting Adsense
6. Privacy Policy
B. Optimizing Your Blog for Trading
1. Post Archive
2. Ad Placement, Size, & Colors
3. Optimizing the Comment Options
4. Ads to Block
5. Making Redirect Links
6. Statcounter
C. Adsense
1. Adsense Dashboard
2. CTR
3. CPC
4. CPM
5. Reset
6. Invalid Clicks
7. Taxes (Americans Only)
D. Trading
1. Initiating a Trade
2. What to Request (Your Copypasta)
3. Before You Start
4. Giving Views
5. Giving a Click
6. Other Important Things
7. Commenting
8. After You Finish
9. Changing IP
E. What to Watch Out For
1. Geotargeting
2. Ad Targeting
3. Leeching
4. Clickbombs
F. Trading and IRC Etiquette

Setting Up Your Blog:
Making the Blog
This is the fun part. You can use either WordPress or Blogger to make a quick blog, but I recommend Blogger if you’re just starting up, so this guide will deal exclusively with Blogger blogs. If you already have an account with Blogger, great. Use that. If not, make a NEW Blogger account that will NOT be linked any existing Google account you use for Gmail, Youtube, etc. If you happen to get banned from AdSense, you will have to completely disassociate yourself from that account in order to make and maintain a new Blogger account, so it’s much easier to make a new, unlinked account.

Picking a Niche
This can be one of the hardest parts. Your blog needs to have a central theme/niche—you can’t just write about your day, post random things, or write general “rants”. In order for your site to get legit traffic and return visitors, you need to pick a niche and stick with it. Find something you enjoy, such as your major, profession, or a hobby. I don’t care what the hell it is. If you’re passionate about it, then blog about it. This will not only make it fun to write, but will give you a head start on content and make it much easier for you to know what will be popular/relevant (in regards to drawing visitors to your site). Just make sure that your site contains original content and is safe for work, or you may not be approved for AdSense. Make sure to read the AdSense TOS fully, to ensure your site meets their standards. Once a site is denied, you can never apply that site again and you will have to make a new account. All that being said, there are a few niches you should steer clear from. Everyone and their brother has a video game blog, so it’ll be damn near impossible for you to break into the niche and make a name for yourself. Review blogs are iffy, and so are music blogs. If you pick a less common topic/genre, then you can maybe make it work but gaining web presence will be difficult. Wallpaper sites are grossly overdone so you’ll be competing with older, higher-ranking sites to get traffic. Bleak situash. If you’re still dead-set on one of these niches, then whatever, fucking go for it. Just don’t say I didn’t warn you. As if that wasn’t enough, on top of the niches I recommend you steer clear from, there are some I REQUIRE you to stay the hell away from. First off, many of you may have come from 4chan and may think that memes, copypastas, and other 4chan stuff would be easy and great! You’re fucking wrong. Google knows about click fraud and they know about /b/logger...
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