Key Components of a Successful Blog

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Key Components of a Successful Blog

After reading many articles on the web about successful blogging, the main components are fairly universal across the board. The main and possibly most important components would be to blog about something that you have a passion for. Yes, you can fake it for a little while, but eventually you will run out of ideas to write about on that topic, and your readers will lose interest. You must also be able to gain trust and become and authority among your blog following readers. Another crucial aspect is that you must strive to keep your blog different, and interesting. With as many options as there are across the web today, you must be able to capture your readers’ attention. Also, you must consistently post on your blog, allow response to comments, choose an appropriate template, and create a brief biography to give readers more access about who you are and perhaps why you choose to blog. Lastly, you would probably like your blog to be easy found through search engines and the like, so include some keywords in there that will allow for that.

The most important components and the backbone of your entire blogging experience are to write about something that you are passionate about. One of the articles I read gave the analogy of someone from Hawaii writing about ice fishing, even though he or she may have never seen ice (3 Key). Readers can sense this, and will probably not still around long if they feel that the blogger is simply feeding them a bunch of garbage solely to get site hits. Also, you must stay committed to the topic that you decide to blog about, improve your knowledge on the topic, and consistently provide updates in order to hold your reader base.

A second component that is also viably important is that you establish yourself as an authority figure on the blogging topic you choose. This can be accomplished several ways, one of which is to simply master your knowledge on the topic at hand,...
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