Hiv Positive Males and Substance Abuse

Topics: Addiction, Suffering, Drug addiction Pages: 2 (606 words) Published: May 3, 2013
“Special Population”

Johnny Roper

Webster University

Columbia Metropolitan Campus

When taking a look at substance abuse and its treatments, there are many theoretical backings and how one may go about doing so. As we take a deeper look, we can look at other factors as they may have positive and negative effects of successful and non-successful treatment outcomes. When dealing with individuals that have a substance abuse disorder and living with a HIV positive status, treatment may warrant a different approach. The writer will examine different factors, counseling techniques, treatments, and recommendation that will be beneficial to counselors for males with a substance abuse disorder and an HIV positive status in a group counseling setting.

In today’s society being black, a male, and that is infected with HIV between the ages of 16-25 can be very panicky. For the time frame that was chosen is a critical one because you are now getting to the point of self-identity. How do I identify myself, where do I fit in, which gender does my hormones rampant for? Yes HIV is not the death sentence it used to be years ago but it still has an heavily stigma attached to it. For someone who needs moral support of close friends and family once discovering their disease is critical because when that support is not available the individual turns to becoming a substance abuser.

Factors play a major role in a person’s life that is living with HIV. Some factors are stress level due to their financial situation of affording the medication. The worrying is enough because that tales toil on your health and with using drugs can alter your health even more for the negative. This age frame is where a lot of curiosity will be tried; cigarettes, alcohol, drugs, prescription drug popping, and so forth. The fear of death is also an element amongst this disease.

This special population would benefit tremendously from a group setting of counseling. It would of a...
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