Hiv: Nursing Research

Topics: Nursing, HIV, Patient Pages: 4 (1135 words) Published: April 12, 2011
Nursing research focuses on the creation and promotion of increased levels of standards of care related to higher quality of life during chronic illnesses and to help in the promotion of healthy lives and decrease complications that may cause a decrease in the quality of life (Leeton, 2006). According to the CDC there is an estimated value of more than one million cases of people living with HIV in the United States with new cases of infection rates and deaths increasing to a high estimated level of 56,300. Nursing research plays a major role in the nursing care of patients with HIV. Nursing research on the topic of HIV is very critical for a vast variety of reasons. With the development of new forms of medication and complex treatment regimen programs the life expectancy for patients with HIV is better and growing. Along with the research and creation of new medication and treatments nursing research of HIV helps to also create advancements in nursing practice. It is important that nurses know and understand how to identify risk factors and chronic symptoms that can decrease the quality of life of these patients. Nursing research provides a knowledge base on the disease and its effects and the proper therapeutic regiment necessary to provide safe and effective care to the patient with HIV (Anderson, 2008). Nursing research of HIV is important in the advancement of nursing practice. Research is responsible for a lot of medical advancements for patients with HIV. Although there is currently no cure for the HIV infection, there have been increased changes in quality of life for patients with this illness. Research has provided identification of risk factors and improvement of diagnostic tests that have led to an earlier detection of the virus. With early detection research has also led to early treatment and the development of treatment regimens that slow the growth of the virus such as antiretroviral agents such as zidovudine (ZDV) and dideoxyinosine (ddI). With...
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