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Chapter 3—The Environment and Corporate Cultur

1.The environments in which businesses operate are increasingly ____, requiring managers to be ready to react and respond to even subtle environmental shifts. a.| static|
b.| universal|
c.| constant|
d.| dynamic|
e.| traditional|

2.____ includes all elements existing outside the boundary of the organization that have the potential to affect the organization. a.| Organizational environment|
b.| Internal environment|
c.| Task environment|
d.| General environment|
e.| Technological environment|

3.____ system draws resources from the external environment and releases goods and services back to it. a.| Production|
b.| Closed|
c.| Open|
d.| Information|
e.| Management|

4.The ____ environment represents the outer layer of the environment and affects organizations ____. a.| task; indirectly|
b.| general; directly|
c.| internal; directly|
d.| internal; indirectly|
e.| general; indirectly|

5.All of these are a part of an organization's task environment EXCEPT a.| Customers|
b.| Labor markets|
c.| Competitors|
d.| Employers|
e.| Suppliers|

6.Which of these is NOT a part of an organization's general environment? a.| Technological|
b.| Economic|
c.| Competitors|
d.| Legal-political|
e.| Sociocultural|

7.____ is a part of Ford's, a U.S. auto manufacturer, task environment. a.| Inflation rate|
b.| Chrysler|
c.| Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), a government regulating agency| d.|, an online bookseller|
e.| Ford's corporate culture|

8.____ is a part of an organization's internal environment. a.| Its customers|
b.| Its salespeople|
c.| The consumer price index|
d.| Its suppliers|

9.Molly Madison received "The Employee of the Month" Award at Internal Workings Remodeling Service in April. Molly would be considered a part of which of these for Internal Workings? a.| General environment|

b.| Task environment|
c.| Economic environment|
d.| Internal environment|
e.| Political activity|

10.The ____ of the external environment represents events originating in foreign countries as well as opportunities for American companies in other countries. a.| National dimension|
b.| Global dimension|
c.| International dimension|
d.| Japan's dimension|
e.| U.S. dimension|

11.Scientific and technological advancements in a specific industry as well as in society at large are included in which general environment dimension? a.| Sociocultural dimension|
b.| Legal-political dimension|
c.| Economic dimension|
d.| Technological dimension|
e.| Corporate culture dimension|

12.Which dimension of the general environment represents the demographic characteristics, norms, customs, and values of the population within which the organization operates? a.| Legal-political dimension|

b.| Economic dimension|
c.| Technological dimension|
d.| Corporate culture dimension|
e.| Sociocultural dimension|

13.When Miami Herald launches a Spanish-language newspaper, El Nuevo Herald, with articles emphasizing Hispanic, Cuban, and Latin American news and sports, it is responding to changes in ____ environment. a.| sociocultural|

b.| technological|
c.| economic|
d.| competitors|
e.| suppliers|

14.____ environment consists of demographic factors, such as population density. a.| Technological|
b.| Sociocultural|
c.| Legal-political|
d.| Internal|
e.| Economic|

15.Anyone considering doing business in China, according to Manager's Shoptalk in Chapter 3, should keep in mind all of the following rules except: a.| Business is always personal|
b.| Don't skip the small talk|
c.| Remember that relationships are not...
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