Hitory Elective Notes: Chapter 6

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Tanjong Katong Secondary School

Secondary Four History Elective

Chapter 6: War in Europe*

How was Germany responsible for the outbreak of WWII?

Hitler’s foreign policy aims:

• Hitler wanted to make Germany ____ again by having a _________ and regaining the ____ lost by TOV.

• Wanted all German- speaking people to live together in one country called _____________.

• Felt that Germany’s growing population needed more room to live and grow food. He called this ___________ (living space).

• He could get his lebensraum by __________ lands east of Germany.

• Hated the _____________ ideology and wanted to conquer the Soviet Union to destroy _____________.

• SU had vast lands and Hitler believed that the Germans could use the lands for _________.

Steps taken by Hitler:

• 1933: Hitler pulled Germany out of the ________________ organised by the League of Nations, announcing that she will disarm only if other nations did so as well.

• 1933: Pulled Germany out of ____________________.

• 1934: Increased the size of his ____ from 100, 000 to 300,000 men. (conscription)

• 1935: Increased the size of the army to 550,000 men & reintroduced ___________________________ for all male citizens.

Re-militarisation of ______________:

• TOV stated that no ________________ were to be in Rhineland after Allied troops had withdrawn.

• 1936: Ordered troops into ______________________________.

• Britain and France took no action against Germany.

• British claim: Germany was only ‘marching into its own backyard’.

• France unwilling to take action without Britain’s support.

Anschluss with _______

• TOV stated that there should be no ____________ (anschluss) between Germany and Austria.

• Hitler tried to take control of Austria.

• Hitler threatened Austrian Chancellor Schushnigg that he would send in his army.

• March 1938: German troops marched into Austria, which then became a _________ of Germany.

How was the League of Nations responsible for the outbreak of WWII?

Weaknesses of LON:

• An exclusive club for __________ of WWI.

• Germany was not treated well.

• By not treating all its members with _______________, it failed to win the _________ from members.

• Richest and most powerful member of the world – ______- not in the League => weak.

• Britain and France were the unofficial leaders of LON but only took action when it served their own ________. Poor leadership -> members ______________ for the League.

• Members of the League were supposed to ________ each other through the use of __________________, but this was never applied.

• When League did not punish Japan when it attacked Manchuria, Italy and Germany went ahead with their attacks ________ that the League could not stop them.

• Did not have an ____ of its own, thus not in a position to _______ a country from ________.

Failure to curb Italian aggression in ___________, 1936:

• Action: Benito _________ (Fascist leader of Italy) wanted to increase Italian influence in Abyssinia (today’s Ethiopia) and made plans to ______ it.

• Response: LON only implemented a _________ economic embargo against Italy. But this too was not fully implemented due to fear that any embargo would affect members’ own economies.

• LON was not _____ enough to protect countries from attacks by its members.

Failure to encourage ___________ :

• France: Did not feel ____ from Germany and refused to disarm.

• Hitler: If other countries did not disarm, then Germany had the right to build up its armed forces and did so at a ____ pace.

• Other European countries: Began to rearm _______ Germany.

Failure to preserve ______ of the League:

• Britain: Fear that Germany would have a navy ______ than hers. In 1935, signed the...
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