Hitler vs. Stalin

Topics: Soviet Union, Adolf Hitler, World War II Pages: 3 (662 words) Published: October 25, 2010
Hitler Vs. Stalin
Did you know that in the early 1930’s two men gained control, and power among their countries? Adolf Hitler admired, and feared Joseph Stalin. Very ironically Stalin admired, and feared Hitler as well. Stalin was a communist, and Hitler was a fascist. Civilians from these countries were about to face disaster. A communist is defined as one who is a supporter of any type of communism. A fascist is defined as a dictatorial movement, and also dealing with extreme nationalism. On opposing sides these two powerful men had many similarities, and differences.

Hitler became a dictator for Germany in 1933. On March 15, 1933 a cabinet meeting processed a law called The Enabling Act. This law gave Hitler the power to make laws, budgeting of their country, and approve treaties for foreign countries. His goal was to bring democracy to an end in Germany. This power also gave him rights to kill millions of Jews. Hitler hated Jews, because he believed they were involved with communists. He also believed that they were trying to take over the world.

Joseph Stalin became a dictator for Russia in 1936. After the death of Vladimir Lenin, Stalin gained control of power. Lenin was the leader of the communist experiment in the USSR, he gave Stalin the leadership just before his death. Stalin’s goals were to exercise power, and control over parties, and their countries. Stalin terrorized the population so that Russia could be rendered obedient. He wanted everyone to obey him, and his laws. The civilians that did not tragically lost their lives.

Within Germany Hitler gained power of the people. He would use propaganda to persuade them to believe in him, and his beliefs. The Germans loved Hitler’s promises, and they felt safe to believe in him, and his word. Before long the people of Germany began to worship, and obey Hitler’s laws. The civilians had no choice after awhile, but to obey him. If they did not he would have them killed, or he would do it himself....
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