Hitler's Influence on Europe Musicians

Topics: Nazi Germany, World War II, Adolf Hitler Pages: 9 (2739 words) Published: April 22, 2013
Hitler’s Influence on Music

Between the years of 1939 to 1945 the world was an entirely different place. This was one of the darkest parts of world history, World War II. This war truly reshaped the world, as we know it today. During this type period there was also a huge amount of compositions being produced and performed. Often times though certain composers music was censored because the leader of their nation did not agree with the composition or the ideas of the composer. The most powerful nation during the Second World War was Germany. Germany was under the control of Adolf Hitler, who created many of the problems that occurred during World War II. Adolf Hitler was viewed as a man of power and was feared by thousands of people. Adolf Hitler did have a soft spot, which many people were not aware of. This soft spot was Hitler’s appreciation for music. Not only did Adolf Hitler re-shape the economies and industries of the world, but he also had a major impact on the music being produced. Adolf Hitler was very selective of which composers he saw fit to express themselves, if you were not amongst these composers the best thing for you to do was to get out of Europe as soon as possible. The composers Adolf Hitler did see fit were very successful because of the tremendous support Adolf Hitler gave them. Adolf Hitler did not only reshape the world through his radical views on religion and appearance but he also changed the production of music in Europe during the World War II. Adolf Hitler and Richard Wagner

One composer that Adolf Hitler truly respected was the works of Richard Wagner. It was noted that when Adolf Hitler attended a Wagner commemoration in Leipzag that Adolf Hitler had “tears in his voice”. Another example of how Adolf Hitler respected Wagner was because they shared the same views regarding the treatment of Jewish citizens. Wagner and Hitler both believed that followers of the Jewish faith were to be eliminated. A year prior to the Wagner commemoration in 1934, Hitler actually quoted Wagner in one of his speeches to the first Nuremberg Party Congress with an except from Wagner’s Meistersinger- “Wach’ auf! which is translated into English meaning “Awake”. Richard Wagner may have shaped Hitler into having these views on the Jewish population. Many of Wagner’s operas have racist qualities to them. Specifically Wagner was against the Jewish religion. Throughout my research there are example of Wagner calling followers of the Jewish faith “cursed Jew-scum”.

Another scary part of the Wagner-Hitler similarities is the views they had on the world. They both believed: •That race is based on appearance, language, nationality, and blood. •An “Aran” white race is the foundation of racial purity, beauty and goodness. •Jesus was not Jew.

Jews and other foreigners were contaminating German Blood. •Jews have no religion.
Jews lust after money and power.
Jews are physically repulsive.
Jews are demons and must be expelled or destroyed.
These similar views gave Hitler a person to look up to. Therefore the entire Nazi party and Nazi-Germany were based upon these beliefs that Hitler and Wagner both shared.
Even crazier than how similar Wagner and Hitler’s beliefs were was the feeling that Hitler had towards Wagner. As we all know Hitler looked upon himself as the all mighty power that brought justice to the world. Hitler though looked up to someone else, that person was Richard Wagner. It is quoted that Adolf Hitler stated, “With the Exception of Richard Wagner, I have no forerunner”. This quote I feel truly under minds everything that Hitler expressed to the world. Whenever Adolf Hitler thought of himself all he saw was power and he being the supreme ruler. In this quote though Hitler is saying that without Richard Wagner he would not be successful.

It has been examined that whenever Hitler engulfed himself in any piece of Wagner’s music he became confident in his...
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