Music in World War Two

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  • Published : March 16, 2013
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The response, through music, to World War Two, particularly in the concentration/death camps throughout Europe The Second World War was a very sensitive time in the world, especially Europe, but one of the few benefits was the music that came out of it, there was the music that was written about certain events of the war, the music that evolved during the war, and the music by the Jewish community (i.e. The Holocaust), especially in the concentration camps. The Holocaust was unequivocally the most tragic event to occur in World War Two, being the genocide of over 6 million Jewish people along with other “minorities” like gypsies, homosexuals, and handicapped people. The slightest shimmer of hope to shine through after the terrible events of World War Two was the response. Not only were there books like The Diary Of a Young Girl or the much later Night, but there was also a turning point in the way music was written and a great many stupendous pieces that were written either during World War Two or directly after in response to it. There was one particular type of music that evolved during World War Two, and that was jazz. It became very popular during the war and was used as a source of morale for the troops overseas and for the worried citizens of the soldiers’ home countries. World War Two was also a very important time for the realm of classical music. Many different composers, such as Dmitri Shostakovich, wrote classical music directly correlating to events within World War Two, or just a response to the war itself about their feelings about what is happening in the world. There were even composers in the camps writing music and premiering it in front of prisoners, utilizing the existing orchestras within the camps to accomplish this. Music was a vital part of the Second World War, being a source of morale and joy in dark times but also as a sign of hope and prosperity for the world. There were many pieces that were written about certain events...
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