History – Source-Based Questions on Ussr Weakness After World War One

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  • Published : May 22, 2013
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Grade 11
History – Source-based questions.

a.According to Source A, the USSR is not a threat to Germany because it is not in their interest to overrun Germany. Also Source A pin points the weaknesses of the Soviet Republic such as their need for economic aid for a ruined economic system and the fact that its soviet ideals have robbed itself of a large part of its economic strength, hence emphasizing on the fact that the USSR is not a threat to Germany. b.Source A’s purpose if to inform the Reichstag of the USSR’s weakness and needs in economic aid. Dr Walter Simon is paying respects to the Soviet Republic, hence giving a positive view on the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.

2) The treaty of Rapallo had enormous benefits for both Russia and Germany. According to source B, some reasons for this entente would have been to compensate the war and civilian damages; indeed, this treaty permitted both countries to get back on their feet military, politically and economically. This contrasts with the reasons cited in source A, where it seems more in an act of pity for Russia that Germany sign the treaty, in fact, in source A, Russia is considered a weak state that needs aid, whereas in sources B and D, Russia is viewed as equally weak military and economically where they shall co-operate in a spirit of mutual goodwill in meeting the economic need of both countries. In source B the approach to the treaty is much more peaceful and strategically effective directly on the economy and the politics, which opposes source D who has a much more aggressive outcome to the settlement. Indeed, in source D, the agreement is concentrated on the issue of Poland, which both countries seem to be opposed against, and where a reason for the signing of the treaty is made out of hatred against Poland and how it weakens both countries. Sources D and A share a common opinion on the inferiority of Russia to Germany, as source D cites that Germany will create in Russia...
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