History on Habitants

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  • Published : May 9, 2013
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I woke up in the morning the sun was rising up it was an wonderful sight and I headed down stairs and I made myself a coffee and I had a French toast as I sat in my front porch I was staring out into the clouds as I imagined my life back then as a habitant. Living a life as a habitat is really responsible and I was up to it. I would have to work extremely hard every single day. I went helped cut down Maple, Pine and Oak trees and the logs were built to make cabins and the remainder brush are set to get burned. After I went to the farm good thing my house is close to the farm was usually had a lot of varieties of animals as well as a kitchen garden, where cabbages, onions, and other vegetables were grown, as well as the family’s supply of tobacco. Some crops that we mainly had were wheat and maize, along with oats, barley, and peas. I love that we made this piece of land have wealth in it. On winter we would have to harvest because we would have no chance of growing crops and so we would have to harvest some food and also we would go couple of days without having any food. At the end of the day after our hard work we go and pay taxes to the churches and to the government. Sometimes we would go ten days in a year without getting paid. As I woke up from my day dreaming I imagined how the technology has improved. Life as a habitant is also a pain in the butt. It is dangerous that we worked in bare hands and there could have been diseases and they wouldn’t have known. Also we can tell when we are growing our animals if they are sick and we have professional veterinarian for that. Also if the animal had virus and the food was sent to the consumers they would be in serious danger. We would have to work ten days out of a year and not get paid good thing that every day now I will get paid. We would pay for taxes to the government and if we dot pay properly we would get our house taken away from us. As then I would have to do everything by hand and by...
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