History of Mmorpgs

Topics: Massively multiplayer online game, World of Warcraft, Role-playing game Pages: 8 (3097 words) Published: November 18, 2010
MMORPG, WORLD OF WARCRAFT Massive multi player online role playing games are one of the biggest hobbies of teens and adults across the world. Recently selling eleven million copies in two days time, World of Warcraft in particular has become the biggest online game ever. Players spend hours upon end questing and playing this game with various people around the world. Excessive gaming can really contribute to the downfall of the players life and or future as a whole. The history of MMORPGs has been rigorous yet very successful through all of their time. The introduction to online role playing games came in 1991. With quite some hype and excitement to its producers and designers. With the release of the game Neverwinter Nights produced by Don Daglow came the first internet based online role playing game. The game was also the first to have a monthly charge of six dollars per playing hour. Shortly after the release of Neverwinter came the company Sierra Online. Sierra was formed to produce online role playing games and planned to succeed greatly in that area of production. In 1997 Sierra released the first internet based game with 2D graphics and also implemented in and out of combat situations. The Realm Online the game created by the Sierra Online company included not only 2D graphics but it included the very first visual character customization options making this RPG (Role Playing Game) part of the new gaming revolution. (Sierra) The world quickly spread of the release of these games and the creation of the Sierra Online company. RPGs became the hype of South Korea and soon led to a new and more improved game like Nexus: The Kingdom of the Winds in 1996. With the release of this game designed by Jake Song and a new online company NC Soft came a 3D design.(Sierra) This was the very first game to gain over a million subscribers. The 3D design alone had such a unique nature to it that it really secured the dominance for NC Soft in the global MMORPG market for several years.(MMO Timeline) In 1999 a whole new style came about to these type of games. The release of Ever Quest the game was phenomenal. Ever quest brought fantasy to MMORPGs and was the most successful online role playing game in the United States for five years. It was named one of the big

originals or 'big three' of the late 1900s along with Ultima Online and Asherons. Ever Quest was the basis of fourteen expansions and is still being played massively today with their latest expansion in November of 2007.(MMO Timeline) The successful work of online gaming designers and producers has led to a completely new aspect of gaming. Now what pro gamers called second generation gaming has come about and transformed the work of companies like Sierra into something great. In 2001 player vs player oriented games came about with Dark Age of Camelots release and was to be one of the big sellers of that year. This brought about some hype with companies like Sony and Microsoft. They loved the idea of player vs player as well as realm vs realm action and game play. Within less than a year after the release of the first PvP based game came the move of PC games to home consoles like the Playstation by Sony and X BOX by Microsoft. In 2002 with the release of Maple Story came free to play online role playing games and was a huge advancement for the market. Final Fantasy XI was ground breaking.(MMO Timeline) The game placed characters of different nationalities on different gaming systems into the same virtual online world. To this day it is still the only MMORPG to allow the same service on multiple platforms while placing all of the players in the same world. (MMO Timeline) The current generation of games are absolutely spectacular in comparison to the past games made by the Sierra Company and other designing corporations. The year 2004 brought a complete gaming revolution. Blizzard Entertainment released World of Warcraft. This game immediately completely overtook Ever Quest 2...
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