Jane Mcgonigal Gaming Summary

Topics: Game, Massively multiplayer online game, Africa Pages: 2 (582 words) Published: October 26, 2012
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Kaitlyn Miron
English 1003 – Public Relations
October 5th, 2012

Assignment two: Summary:
Jane McGonigal is a game designer that has been making online video games for the past ten years. Her talk “Gaming can make a better world” describes her objective for the next ten years; to solve world problems by convincing people to play more online video games. Currently, we play three billion hours weekly of online video games, but Jane McGonigal believes that number needs to grow intensely. In order to solve world problems we are currently facing like poverty, global conflict, obesity, climate change and world hunger, she believes we need to increase gaming to at least twenty one billion hours a week by the end of the upcoming decade. Jane also thinks there are so many gamers in today’s society because of the feelings they get while playing. They become optimistic, motivated and inspired. The players are less likely to give up while playing online games than they would in real life. It’s precisely those qualities that make Jane McGonigal believe that many gamers become better versions of themselves in online worlds. The biggest feeling a player can feel is an epic win. A win so big that even players think it’s impossible until they reach it themselves. Jane links that feeling to problem solvers across the world as she encourages them to tackle obstacles with the sense that even with odds stacked against them it’s possible for an epic win. Page 2

During her research, Jane McGonigal came across a statistic stating that before the age of 21, the average person will spend 10,000 hours playing online games. Jane also found a scientific research explaining that by the age of 21 if a person studies at least 10,000 hours on any given subject they will be experts at it. Jane realized by combining both statistics together that there are 500 million expert gamers in the world. 1.5 billion gamers expected in the next decade. From there, Jane continued her research...
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