History of Math( 18th Century)

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  • Published: December 10, 2011
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VI. The Eighteenth - Century Mathematics of France :
The Development of Analysis
¢º Caracteristic of the Eighteenth - Century Mathematics| ¢º The Early Eighteenth Century|
¢º Euler's Ages|
¢º Mathematicians of Revolution Ages|
¢º The Metric System|

¡ß Caracteristic of the Eighteenth - Century Mathematics
    1700's was the times to develop the calculus and to expand the analysis made in 1600's.     In this century, there were so many enlargements of the design trigonometry, the analytic geometry, the number theory, the equation theory, the probability theory, the differential equation, and the analytic dynamics and also so many new creations of the insurance statistics, the function of higher degree, the partial differential equation, the descriptive geometry and the differential geometry.     1700's was the times that Bernoulli family in Swiss and mathematicians in France were active.     The Euler's creative talent like the active of Bernoulli family renovated analysis.     Lagrange, a Frenchman living in Italy, made 'calulus of variation' with Euler.   D'Alembert was interested in the basic of analysis and Lambert wrote the paper about oparallel postulate.     Laplace making a great contribution towards analysis and Monge creating descriptive geometry were the people of this times.     The French republican government succeeding the French Revolution choose the metric system of weights and measures in 1799. ¡ß The Early Eighteenth Century

¡Ý The Bernoulli Family :   One of the most distinguished families in the history of mathematics and science is the Bernoulli family of Switzerland, which, from the late seventeenth century on, produceed an unusual number of capable mathematicians and scientists.  The most famous were Jakob bernoulli (1654~1750) and Johann Bernoulli(1667~1748) among them.     They were among the first mathematicians to realize the surprising power of the calculus and to apply the tool to a great diversity of problems....
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