History of Disneyland

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  • Published : July 12, 2012
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Disneyland is a place with a lot of wonderful stories. Therefore the history of Disneyland is an epic story. One very fine day, Walt Disney the founder of Disneyland had an objective that he would really like to accomplish. It was about making his imagination came true to live. His imagination was to build a land where people of all ages could have fun together, his is plan was to build Disneyland. The first plan was on the 8 acres land opposite the Burbank studios. But due to the World War 2 the plans had to stop for some time. But the war gave Walt an advantage of coming up with new ideas. So after the war ended Walt started with the creation of Disneyland, then the construction started on 21st July 1954 and then it was all ready on 17th July 1955 revealed by a special televised press preview. Disney had experience bad times after the special televised press preview. The preview was terrible and it was later given a name ‘Black Sunday’ but then is became a big blast in the first year operation. Unfortunately, on 15th December 1966 Walt Disney was passed away by lung cancer in Burbank, California. After he died, his brother Roy Disney took over the whole Disney company. After several years of Disneyland opened, there were few expansion that happened in Disneyland which were included the expansion of New Orleans Square in the year 1966, Bear Country which is the Critter Country today in the year 1972, and Mickey's Toontown in the year 1993. In 1995 Disneyland was opened to everyone to visit the wonderland. In that year a 100 acre parking lot and also a hotel branded as the Disneyland Hotel that was been controlled by Disney's corporate partner Jack Wrather was built. After gaining success from the multi-park and multi-hotel business model at Walt Disney World in Florida, Disney unhesitatingly made up his mind to spread his business in Anaheim as well. So to do so he had to request for big parcels of land area for Disneyland, Disney’s idea was also to buy the...