History and Politics of the Mexican Revolution

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  • Published : May 14, 2013
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Jermine Hodge Professor Natasha Gordon Chipembere English 150 10 October 2012 History and Politics of the Mexican Revolution The Mexican revolution was one of the most significant catastrophe in the twentieth century, which involved four momentous leader by the name of Madero , Diaz , Zapata and Obrengo.According to Alan Knight, author of the article “The Mexican Revolution”, “the Mexican revolution started as a protest of the middle class against the dictatorship of Porfrio Diaz”. A small minority of people were control of most of the country’s power and wealth, while the major of the population worked in poverty. According to Dan la Botz, author of article “The Mexican revolution part1, 1910-1920, “Tens of thousand of men and women fought in battles in many region of the country to end the dictatorship and overthrow the leader”. The attempt to mold a new generation that would continue the revolution’s efforts for the people into the future. Their campaign included programs for land reform, work protection, widespread literacy, and mandatory schools. The nation fund a mental economic, institution were transformed as a basic Agriculture production unit and the foreign own oil industry nationalized. In the 1910s a politician and military struggle arrived among various rival politicians, economic and social groups, the working class and the peasantry were defeated and subordinated to new master. The revolution began as an attempt to overthrow Porfrio Diaz who was a dictator of Mexico. According to Dan La Batz , author of “Mexican Revolution part 1 ,1910-1920” , “Mexico’s liberal who wanted a free market capitalist county like England and United States, battle consecutive who wanted a count more like Spain with its monarchy, powerful catholic church and feudal hierarchy (Botz 26). Diaz revived and expanded the nation...
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