History and Background of Dairyland Seed Company

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  • Published : March 10, 2008
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History and Background of Dairyland Seed Company
•Founded by Simon and Andrew Strachota in 1907
•On Andrew's retirement, Simon led the company, which later was taken over by his son Orville after his sudden death •Initially began as Strachota Seeds
•Operated out of family's general store in eastern Wisconsin •Primary product – White Dutch Clover Seed
•Production was shifted to alfalfa seed due to decline in White Dutch Clover Seed Market •Alfalfa seed – a product would grow in demand driven by Wisconsin dairy farmers searching for better forages for their cows •In 1963, company name was changed to Dairyland Seed Company •Jointly managed by Orville Strachota's three sons, Steve (president), Tom (CEO) and John (vice-president) •Private company with majority stock owned by the Strachota family •Dairy land is the only American family owned seed company with proprietary research in alfalfa, corn and soy beans •Company is divided into seven functional operational areas: management, finance, research, production, distribution, marketing and sales •Employs approximately 100 people plus seasonal help

•40% of the company's employees work in R&D, making it the largest department in the company

Marketing Mix

•Alfalfa – Dairyland has the world's largest alfalfa breeding program •Includes several specialty alfalfa varieties from which the farmer can choose to match their particular needs •Resent successful innovation includes the release of patented Sequential Maturity Alfalfa •Corn – Seed corn plays an important role in their overall strategy •Introduced into their product line in 1961

•Currently offers over 40 corn varieties that have been bred to meet the unique seed needs of the upper Midwestern states

•Uses a vied variety of promotional programs to communicate the benefits of its soybean seed to farmers •Dairyland Soybean Management Guide provides farmers with technical and practical advice on the...
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