Warren Seed: Agribusiness Management

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  • Published : October 30, 2012
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Ag Management
MWF 11:00-11:50
Assignment 1

The Agribusiness I researched is Warren Seed. It is owned and run by Lanny Warren located in Woodland Mills, Tn. He has worked as a seed rep for many seed companies in the area. In the last seven years Mr. Lanny started his own business but selling Dairyland Seed, which consists of corn and soybeans. The genetics of the seed come from Dekalb, Asgrow, Pioneer, and Delta King Seed. He just lists them under Dairylands product number. Mr. Lanny works hard to plant area test plots that are identified by his company and variety number with new and recent varieties to see the results on different types of soils. People that are interested in certain varieties can look from the road or walk out in and analyze. Mr. Lanny puts his customers first and helps plan out where and when to plant to people that ask for his advice because he has walked many acres scouting crops throughout his previous job experiences. His business rages from Western Tennessee up into Western Kentucky. Mr. Lanny has three people that help him disperse seed from his headquarters by truck and gooseneck trailer in bulk sacks or it can be loaded on site. He has other seed salesman that takes orders. For an instance in my area, Mr. Eric Maupin that is on the UT Martin website sells seed for him. I think it helps to have a farmer that farms and uses the different seed variety because other farmers can come and talk them and see what they did or didn’t like about the variety. In the off year Mr. Lanny holds meetings in different locations for farmers to eat and talk about seed varieties that averaged high or moderate over the competitor plot. He will love to talk with you to determine the best product that will yield for you. Without this the business would not be as successful and farmers wouldn’t plant his product. Therefore, it wouldn’t be long till the business would close down and he would be...
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