History 201 Online Homework Fourteen:

Topics: American Civil War, Abraham Lincoln, Confederate States of America Pages: 3 (788 words) Published: February 16, 2013
“Glory Can Not Atone: Shiloh—April 6, 7, 1862,” by James L. McDonough 1. I would you describe the southern army as men of different ethnics and ages ready and willing to fight confidently against what they believed to be wrong and for what they believed was right.

2. Some of the reasons given here to explain why southerners enlisted to join the fight against the Union forces to protect the peculiar institution (slavery).

3. The Union soldiers were brimming with confidence in early 1862 because there were so many news sources stating that the Confederate were done with the war and spoke as if the Union had already won. I don’t think it was warranted of the soldiers to be so confident because their confidences cause them to act unorganized and ready for potential danger as the continued to travel.

4. What were the typical reasons given by Union soldiers for wanting to fight against the Confederacy because Union forces invaded their state, their liberties are threatened and rights endangered, and for the women of their families. Their reasons for fighting compare to those given by their enemies were equal because they both wanted to do it for what they felt was right for the nation to live by.

5. There was a great deal of glamorous and noble giving to the soldiers involved in the Civil War. If one died for his country he would carry the glory forever. The most common aspects of life for soldiers during the conflict were traveling, fighting, and losing some solider friends along the way.

“A Black Soldier Writes to President Lincoln, 1863”
1. This soldier’s grievance was because of the unfair pay to the black soldiers and how they were being treated as Laborers instead of Soldiers. In his appeal to Lincoln he stressed that the black men were willing to give up so much for the nation such as aiding his country in need and was refused but now that they are about to and are doing it with obedience and patients only lacking a paler hue and...
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