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In the heart of Cubao’s shopping paradise, Barrio Fiesta, Araneta is situated in one of the most zestful and busy area in Quezon City.

It’s just a few steps from theaters, banks, bookstores, airline, offices and it’s also located at the heart of Araneta Coliseum Arcade. Its proximity to many business establishments, shopping malls like Shoemart, Rustan’s, Plaza Fair, Isetann Farmers and even amusement centers like Fiesta Carnival, all these strategic location make it a popular restaurant for hungry and tired shoppers, businessmen who have innate love of food and even families who dine out to experience good food and excellent service.

Please see Exhibit 1 for exact location.


Just like any other institution, Barrio Fiesta has its own that serves as a framework in achieving what they project to obtain for the success of the entire establishments and that furnishes their blue print of plans to somehow eradicate repetitive laborious efforts.

“ We believe in providing high standard of quality and service to all we deal with. We seek to efficiently respond to the needs of our clients for the good food, and excellent service. We recognize the value of both our clients and our personnel, and constantly strive to maintain a business environment that satisfies all concerned.”


Barrio Fiesta is the creation of a couple who shared the same vision. It. Pioneered the Crispy Pata and Kare-Kare specialty concept way back in the 1960’s. The first restaurant was put up in 1963 at Bagong Barrio,m Caloocan City which was owned by, Mr. Bonifacio Ongpauco, Sr. and Mrs. Sixta Evangelista.

They both have an innate love of food and parlayed have these qualities in to establishing a restaurant that has indelibly made its mark in Metro Manila’s dining scene. Due to its popularity and demand, the management decided to expand its operations by...
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