Historical Laws and Security

Topics: Law, Magna Carta, John of England Pages: 2 (456 words) Published: January 30, 2012
Historical Laws and Security
Lyn Wilson
CJS 250
December 1, 2011
Michael Erhmann

Historical Laws and Security
The foundations of current laws and security practices are found in history. The Code of Hammurabi, (1750 B.C.) was created by King Hammurabi in Babylonia. It was established with 282 clauses regulating marriage, slavery, commerce, debt, and theft. Punishment for offenders was considered barbaric. In 621 B.C. a Greek man named Draco wrote Draco’s Law. These were the first written laws in Greece. Punishment for crimes was unreasonable and many were sentenced to death. The word Draconian is a term used to describe unreasonable law. In 450 B.C. Rome established 12 laws written by 10 men to govern Roman citizens and protect the lower class from abuse by the ruling class. Called the Twelve Tables, these statutes also governed how offenders were prosecuted and provided compensation for victims. The foundation of modern law was formed from these statutes. Justinian Code established in A.D. 529, and named after the Emperor of Byzantine. The Emperor was the first to codify law in a series of books called Corpus Juris Civilis. His work was the foundation of modern law and the concept of justice. King John of England created the Magna Carta in 1215 with 61 clauses which provided significant protections for all English citizens. King John was the founding father of “due process” and the United States justice system. Within the same century King Edward, (1285), inspired the Statute of Westminster which utilized citizens in the prevention of crime and apprehending criminals. The Statute of Westminster was a system composed of three components, the watch and ward; a night watchman who maintained order and prevented crime. The hue and cry; a law requiring citizens to pursue criminals or be punished, and the assize of arms; a law requiring male between the ages of 15-60 to possess a weapon in their homes. Historically laws and codes have evolved in the interest...
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