Criminal Justice Midterm

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Criminal Justice Midterm

Question 1
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Which of the following is the name of the volunteer associations in early British history whose contributions went toward aprehesions of criminal offenders?
Question 2
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In the eighteenth century B.C., the Babylonian Empire had adopted an extensive legal code that contained some 282 regulation and it was called:

Question 3
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The mechanism utilzed by the U.S. government to prevent any one branch of governement (Exective, Legislative and Judicial) from becoming too powerful is called:

Question 4
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Many people of history lived in limited geographocal colonies that were independent, close-knit entities called:
Question 5
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In the 1850's the security personnel providing protections for the American Express Company were known as " shotgun riders".

Question 6
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What type of model of policing that has evolved in the U.S. is where there is no " national police force" and many local and state agencies?
Question 7
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"Jim Crow" laws originated in the Southern states as means of segregating the races, but they soon became popular in the Northern states as well

Question 8
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The U.S government structure is tyically described as a(n):

Question 9
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A society’s formal attempt to obtain compliance with the established rules, regulations, and law of that society is called:
Question 10
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The primary policing function in the U.S. is to :


Question 11
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Article IV of the U.S. Constitution that states the individuals states shall not make any laws that ar contrary to those laws outlined by the U.S. Constitution is called:
Question 12
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Which of these is considered to be a formal mechanism for social control?

Question 13
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The system of government founded on the principle of " the rule of the people" is called:
Question 14
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According to Luther Gulick, an individual's span of control should be realtively small, no more than a few people.
Question 15
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Many of the first police department in the U.S. were structured after the Metropolitan Police of London.
Question 16
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Legislative branch officials include the President of the United States at the federal level, governors at the state level, and mayors at the local level.

Question 17
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Police departments are typically organized so that personnel functions determine organizational division.
Question 18
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There is evidence that organizational theory, or issues surrounding the practice of organizing, was present during the time of the ancient Greeks and Romans.
Question 19
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Most social control problems can be solved by passing and enforcing criminal laws.
Question 20
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The system theory perpsective is one that recognizes multiple factors within the organization in an attempt to identify which factors are most relevant and the impact of said factors and viewed as open systems.

Question 21
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The contingent leadership model suggests that patrol officers and supervisors are both leaders and can learn skills to become more effective at leading.

Question 22
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Female police officers were originally hired with the intent that they would assist in the problems related to women and juveniles. Question 23
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The Judical branch of the U.S. government typically reviews the actions of police officas during which judical proceeding?

Question 24
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The theory that organizational arrangements in a structural sense, much like a map and the subject of scrutiny includes how an organization should be structured,...
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