Hispanic Groups in the United States

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  • Published : March 6, 2011
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Hispanic Groups in the United States
Harley D. Palmer
ETH 125
September 5, 2010
Dr. Carol Grant

Hispanics in the United States have a history rooted for centuries. Many different cultures make up this group dubbed ‘Hispanics’, each with their own identity, culture, and struggles. However, they do group together in a common fight to gain a more stable and positive foot hold in the U.S. Mexican Americans seem to have the strongest and yet weakest position in the United States. Their presence is clouded with negative images of ‘all Mexicans’ being illegal aliens or harboring illegal aliens. They appear to dominate the news more so than other Hispanic groups, causing many people to assume all Hispanics are Mexican. (Shaefer, 2006) Mexican Americans are able to maintain close ties with the homeland merely due to the close proximity of the country. European immigrants could only visit their homeland maybe once in a life time, but Mexican Americans are able to visit a few times a month. (Schaefer, 2006) Family is an important factor to Mexican Americans. This also causes immigrants to keep close ties with the homeland as they contact, visit, and send money to family members still in Mexico. This often causes more issues politically and economically as money and people continue to flow over the border in both directions – legally or illegally. This is still compounded by Mexico now allowing dual citizenship so many immigrants can be both U.S. and Mexican citizens at the same time. (Schaefer, 2006) Mexicans immigrate to this country because they believe they will have a better life in the United States. Despite constant struggle because of racism, life is better for many Hispanics here. Mexico is riddled with a large drug and crime problem. Many Mexicans strongly endorse and support Mexican President, Felipe Cauldrons’ harsh stance against drug traffickers and dealers. (Ahorre,...
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