Eth/125 Hispanic American Diversity

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  • Published : May 14, 2011
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Hispanic American Diversity
Eth/125 Cultural Diversity (Axia)
Hispanic American Diversity

The four Hispanic groups I am going to be writing about are Mexican American, Cuban Americans, Puerto Ricans, and El Salvadorians. The interesting part of these four groups is that they speak the Spanish language. When speaking Spanish, each of these four groups, have a different dialect; however, the spelling is the same, they are pronounced the same, the words have different meanings. In this paper, the following will be discussed: linguistic, political, social, economic, religious, and familial conventions of the four Hispanic groups that are living in the United States. Mexican Americans

The Mexican American group speaks mostly Spanish. Over a quarter of their identity is said to be bilingual. Mexican American religion is a very important role in their family. A majority of Mexican Americans are Catholic. Their religion adds a strong familism, which means “pride and closeness in the family” (Schaefer, 2006, p. 276). Family is very important to the Mexican Americans. Their focus is mainly on their Grandparents, especially the Grandmothers. Grandmothers are the ones that cook the meals, read stories and help to heal them when they are ill. The Mexican Americans in the United States have always had to struggle to prosper. In the year of 2000, Mexican Americans had an unemployment rate of 7%. The percentage living below the poverty level was 24.1%. The Mexican Americans had a median family income of $32,345, which is $22,561 less than a Non-Hispanic White family. These figures alone, states that Mexican Americans live below the poverty level. Cuban Americans

Cuban Americans have been primarily living in the Miami, Florida area. There is over 55% Cuban Americans populating that area. One-third of the population in the United States is Cuban Americans. They have been able to colonize themselves into American very comfortably over time. Cuban Americans are...
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