Hiring a Sales Manager for a Company

Topics: Pregnancy, Childbirth, Pregnancy discrimination Pages: 1 (365 words) Published: February 22, 2013
The purpose of this case is to hire a Sales Manager for the company with all the core competences of company. According to the legal view of this case study it falls under the pregnancy discrimination act of 1978 (A framework for human resource management, Gary Dessler).This act encompasses discrimination of pregnancy, childbirth, or any other related medical conditions. The legal and the ethical issues involved in this case is about Gladys pregnancy and Timmy’s response for it. It is ethical for Gladys to apply for the job as she has got 15 years of experience. The owner should hire Gladys because she is the best applicant amongst the 10 applicants who applied for this job. Yes we think that she is the right choice for the company so they should not consider her pregnancy be the reason for not offering this job to her if she is physically capable of working. If Gladys is hired then we should consider her pregnancy and hire her and she should be given a priority at work during the pregnancy by just allowing her to work from home, not allowing her to stand for very long time and should also allow her to come to work Little late and can also give her Maternity Leave or a long leave during her delivery. An article by Jim Edwards in his article (Terminating the pregnant employee) says that a female by name Raelene Ryan told Pharmalot that when she got pregnant, "What happened to me was about the worst thing that could happen." If you dig around in the trial testimony you can piece together the emails sent by Ryan's bosses before and after she gave birth to a daughter in 2003 as i was terminated from the company for being pregnant. My suggestion based on this case study is that in the first place, Helen should not go by any other 3rd member words, and she should clarify with Gladys directly before taking any decision because that might not be true and I think that the employers should change their mind or their views against not hiring Gladys for being the best...
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