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Topics: Marriage, Love, Life Pages: 3 (788 words) Published: March 1, 2013
What is Birth?
* Birth is the beginning of life.
* Birth is the newborn of a new life.
* Birth is the new aspirations to be able to live very far away from your sins. * Birth is the hope of an individual.
* Birth perhaps can de explained as a reincarnation of some personalities. * Birth is an act and a way of bringing happiness next to your doors. * Birth is the awaiting desire of some married couples due to which some sudden changes could take place.

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What is Death?
* Death is defined as the soul leaving ones body and entering into another one. * Death perhaps can be defined as purifying yourself.
* Death is an act due to which everybody remains sad for a long period of time. * Death is the gripping of sorrow.
* Death is the next step to be followed after Birth.
* Death perhaps is a way of showing how many your relatives loves and adores you. * Death is the relieving of many burdens and responsibilities. * Death maybe can be the cause of sudden change in the life of persons. * Death can also be defined as the act of grieving.

* Death is the cause of an individual to be independent throughout his life. * Death is the only act to remain faithful though you are single. * Death is the new step to be followed to attain certain standards in the surroundings just to show what you are capable of. * Death is the parting away from your sins, perhaps by relieving yourself. * Death is the only and last memories left for the family members and the people.

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What is Marriage?
* Marriage is the uniting of two different persons.
* Marriage is the welcoming of Love.
* Marriage means losing your own freedom.
* Marriage means indulging yourself with new family members (strangers). * Marriage is the act of undertaking full responsibilities. * Marriage is also an act to be followed in order to improve your life. * Marriage is some very sweet and...
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