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By | September 2013
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| |Resume of | | |Syed Sami Uddin Kazmi | | |136, Sector-D, Askari X, | | |Lahore Cantt. (Pakistan) | | |Phone: 0092 321 4424690 | | |E-mail: syedsami7@gmail.com | | | | |PROFILE SUMAMRY | | |Have strong educational background that provided knowledge and practical experience of understanding various businesses and | |industries of the country. Experienced in credit analysis and effective relationship management. Well versed with theoretical and | |practical aspects of various modes of finance of Banking system. Have knowledge of different corporate laws and regulations and | |equipped with capabilities of planning, execution and accomplishment of assigned task in the capacity of team member. | |CAREER OBJECTIVE | |To be a part of an Islamic Financial Institution where my knowledge, expertise and skills are utilised that will help me | |contributing towards development of Islamic banking and of the organization, giving parallel opportunity for my...

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