Highland Games

Topics: Dance, Sound Pages: 1 (251 words) Published: April 27, 2013
se the Highland Games for my community project because I thought it would be a cool cultural experience that was totally new to me. I also chose this project because the group of bagpipers my grandfather plays in was playing there. I didn’t get a program or brochure from the games but I did take loads of pictures. I will attach some of the photos and a note from my grandpa, whom I went with. The Highland Games was the first thing of its kind I had ever been to and I had a blast. From the bagpipers, to the dancers, to the many men in skirts, everything was just full of energy and culture. My grandpa went in his full kilt and Scottish wear, and so did about 70% of the attendees. I thought it was so cool seeing people of all ages dressed up and showing off their culture. There were many little girls who did traditional dancing, sometimes accompanied by a huge group of bagpipers. The dances were so simple but still showed a lot culture. I thought the bagpipes sounded cool before, but then I heard 20 or more playing at once and I was blown away! It was one of the most intriguing, entertaining musical performances I had ever heard. The sounds of the drums and the several different pipers came together so well. I really hope I can go to something like this again because it was so fun and overall a great experience.
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