High Scope Approach

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2011–2012 HighScope Catalog Fall Edition

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Tender Care and Early Learning: Supporting Infants and Toddlers in Child Care Settings, 2nd Ed. This second edition of Tender Care and Early Learning describes HighScope’s active learning approach for very young children who are in the sensory-motor stage of development — the stage when children learn with their whole body and all their senses, and when they rely on trusted adults to support their learning adventures. Incorporating the latest research on infant and toddler development, this extensively revised and expanded manual provides both a rationale and specific strategies for each part of the Infant-Toddler Curriculum. FC-F1086 $44.95 J. Post, M. Hohmann, & A. S. Epstein. Soft cover, photos, 428 pages. 978-1-57379-583-8

Supportive Adult-Child Interactions
Within the security of trusting relationships, infants and toddlers develop curiosity, initiative, a sense of self, and a desire to explore their world. Adults can foster this development by responding to the young children in their programs with care and respect. In Part 1 of this program, you will learn how to create a climate of trust for infants and toddlers, form partnerships with children, and support children’s intentions. Part 2 provides information on establishing program policies that promote continuity of care. In Part 3, you’ll view several extended unnarrated scenes from HighScope programs illustrating strategies for developing supportive interactions with young children. In English and Spanish. DVD: FC-F1082 $44.95 Color, 53 minutes, Spanish subtitles, viewer guide included. 978-1-57379-546-3


Infant-Toddler Key Developmental Indicators Desk-Size Posters Six colorful posters showing the new HighScope infant-toddler key developmental indicators (KDIs) in these important areas: approaches to learning; social and emotional development; physical development and health; communication, language, and literacy; cognitive development; and creative arts. Great for posting in your room to help caregivers and parents recognize the important concepts and abilities in each area of infant-toddler development. FC-F1089 $14.95 Set of 6 full-color posters, each 8½" x 11". 978-1-57379-646-0


Order online: highscope.org

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Essentials of Active Learning in Preschool: Getting to Know the HighScope Curriculum This guide presents a comprehensive introduction to the HighScope Preschool Curriculum, covering theory and research, teaching practices, curriculum content, assessment, and training. It offers an appealing format that includes examples, checklists, teacher anecdotes, and hands-on exercises. The book also serves as a practical guide to help you implement HighScope’s active learning approach. Whether you are planning to adopt the HighScope Curriculum or are just looking for information on what it takes to have a successful active learning environment, this book is a must-have for all early childhood administrators and educators as well as students preparing to enter the field. FC-P1335 $29.95 A. S. Epstein. Soft cover, photos, 243 pages. 978-1-57379-300-1

Small-Group Times to Scaffold Early Learning (Cards)
Like the other titles in these series, this is a set of colorful, durable, easy-to-use cards with practical suggestions and activity ideas. The cards present 52 small- and largegroup activities from the book of the same title in the Teacher’s Idea Book Series (see page 14). The activities are organized in five curriculum content areas: language, literacy, and communication; mathematics; science and...
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