High School vs Reality Tv

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Reality TV VS High School. The real life story.

High school is it all it really seems on TV, they leave out the true aspect of the High School drama, all people see is the glamorous part of high school, even the mean girl’s, but what about the part that includes the harder stuff and how high school students suffer to get through the day. High school life isn't a walk in the park it is a lot of work. Not knowing if what you’re wearing is cool enough or if the guy you like will talk to you today.

High school can be the best or worst four years of our lives. It just depends on how you want to spend it and how you want these next four years to be. Just because you're not in the in crowd doesn't mean you're not special or popular it just means that you’re not right to fit in that group unless you want to change completely and live a lie and be unhappy. When you enter those doors for the first you are kind of scared but see your friends and its OK. But as it goes on by your sophomore year you what to get out of this school, but by your senior year you will not want to leave. Enjoy the time you have here.

During school when 7th period rolls around we stare at that clock waiting for the bell to go off. High school is a fun time and part of your life that you won’t want to let go. Not only do you want to leave, but the fear of graduation is holding you back. In the movies the seniors can’t wait to graduate, but in life it’s not like that we don’t want to graduate as it may seem. It just means that we have to grow up and not be so childish and immature. We will have to get real jobs and not stay out till 4 O’clock on a Friday night because you will have to take everything seriously.

High school can be really fun, but it’s not like tv or in the movies. Not that it’s totally different we still have our cliques but we handle things differently. We don’t burst out into songs all the time, unless your in theater. And with the nerds they don’t really love...
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