High School and Girly Tone Narrator

Topics: High school, Disability, Stereotype Pages: 2 (526 words) Published: January 24, 2013
Narrator (me or someone else )
* Today we’ll be doing a skit on how race can be a disability. As with the case of asian kids, who are stereotyped in always getting high marks in school. We will also highlight how being a new asian kid in a western culture can disable because people stereotype you by having poor English * The scenes portrayed in this skit are just stereotyped and aren’t real we don’t mean them to offend anyone.

1st Scene (show Jackie in hs)
Narrator talks whilejackie acts
-narrator: during high school, fobby asian girl took all her time studying to get into the ebst schools in the country. He was hoping to get excellent marks in math, history, and the sciences.
-jackie acts studyng, bring a pulls out calculator from bag does math stuff, pulls out books and sciene stuff and acts studying

2nd Scene( sceneparents walk up to jackie)
-dad(bo) mom(arion) bring costume pls bring a suit and what aroin wore kitchen stuff pls talk in Chinese and use the girly tone

Narrator: A typical day in asian family house

Dad and Mom walks to Jackie studying….
(say these in chinese say it once a line, then narrator tells class English translation does that work??) Dad : that’s right you should be studying daughter
Mom: go study well daughter, so that you can get into the ebst school Dad : that’s right education is very important
Jackie: pulls out marks to show parents
MOM: go walking around class … saying look at my awesome daughter she got a’s for everything very good ( hao li hai )

-everyone goes out…..

3rd scene(jackie walks to the middle and postman(grace and hands letters)

Narator: today is the day people get their acceptance letter from the schools. Grace: walks up to Jackie hand letter
Jackie: opens letter and say I got in I got in acts happy, do the shaky dance or something LOL 4th scene ( coffee shop scene this is basically the same as we did in coffee shop)

Narrator: this scene we’l be highlinging how...
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