High School Acceptance Essay from Student

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  • Published : October 27, 2010
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Singing, dancing, and writing, so not my talent, but I must admit acting really is. I just wanted to begin by introducing myself. My name is Aerion Francois. Momentarily I am an eighth grader attending New Media Technology Charter School. If you accept me to this school I will live up to each teacher's, administrator's, principle's or any other authority figure's expectations. I am a master student adores acting. Creative and Performing Arts High School is the perfect school for me. Subsequent to the fifth grade, where I've always visioned myself acting, at this exact school, and being inundated with other master students. Creative and Performing Arts High School was my first alternative for high schools because I enjoy performing on stage, in front of a enormous crowd. Acting really is my passion. Hopefully CAPA will help me become a better actor than I am today. I also hope that Creative and Performing Arts High School will help me successfully achieve my dreams of becoming an actor. I love experiencing the the thrill and excitement when I begin dramatizing and performing on stage. I actually believe that I will and can learn more about my talent, and CAPA will help me experience something new and unique. If you do accept me I will dedicate my time, not just to my talent, but also to my school work. I will be one of your most achieving and most hardworking student ever. I would enjoy to continue my journey at CAPA, majoring in acting. I would also like to graduate in honor from Creative and Performing Arts High School.
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