High Performance Teams

Topics: Team, The A-Team Pages: 4 (1260 words) Published: March 4, 2013
Manufacturing a High Performance Team
Keith James and Beverly Lea
University of Phoenix
Darrel Bolman
April 2, 2012

Manufacturing High Performance Teams
In the current globalized economy, stating a new company may be challenging due to high rate of competition from organizations which have already stabilized. To ensure that the new company gains a stronghold in the market, it is important to establish a high performance team that will work more efficiently (Ashkanasy, 2010). For instance, a new venture requires the presence of new individuals who may have not worked together in the past. Moreover, employees can be highly experienced but it may become challenging when initiating a new venture. This calls for an effective team leader who has experience in managing a group of people and who understand ways of increasing the self awareness of the team. Such an individual plays the role of a manager and he understands the characteristics of each individual so as to develop and maintain a high performance team. For the new venture to be successful, the team leader must set high standards which are to be emulated by all members of the team. Each team member has strong and weak points and it is up to the team leader to strengthen the top performers and support those who are struggling. Moreover, a highly successful team must be composed of individuals who are highly trained. For instance, if our new company is concern with sales and marketing, all individuals must have the skills of approaching and handling customers (High Performance Teams, 2012). This is one of the most important factors since it determines the ability of the company to retain the loyalty of its customers. Therefore, a high performance team must be united to the goals and objectives of the company. It is important to work towards the same mission to ensure that there is no conflict of interests and that there is a favorable working environment. An efficient manager has the ability...
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