Hidden Impact of Advertisements

Topics: Gender role, Gender, Masculinity Pages: 4 (1114 words) Published: April 29, 2013
Maverick Alexander
Professor Wies
English 101
13 March 2013
The Hidden Impact of Advertisements
To live in America is like living in a world where the dynasties of fast-food companies and advertisements have changed the mentality of people. Particularly, most Americans tend to be driven to many displays shown on marketing billboards and media ads. In contrasting two essays from three different authors, Susie Orbach writes about the reality that many women face with problems of obesity, overweight, social roles, and sex-stereotypes in the US. On the other hand, collaborating together, Carrie Freeman and Debra Merskin write about the surprising connection that advertisements associate meat with men, they present evidences on how media ads portray men and how gender-roles have played an important part in the culture of America.

In “Fat is a Feminist Issue” by Susie Orbach, the author writes in extend to the main problem that women face with overweight in America, how it has become a serious issue in the topic of obesity, and the typical “sex-role stereotypes” differences that exist today (449). Manipulated by media ads and the pressure on women to pursue the ideal physical and beauty appearance, Orbach claims that women have been the target of a “ten billion dollar industry [that] waits to remold bodies to the latest fashion” year after year. (451)

Moreover, from a feminist perspective, Orbach also focuses on social aspects that women play in society. She explains: the relegation of women to the social roles of wife and mother has several significant consequences that contribute to the problem of fat (450). The social roles have played an important role in the American culture, especially in women where it’s always the classic stay home mom, taking care of kids and the husband being the only provider. Under these circumstances, perhaps, women don’t feel the necessity to present an ideal physical image...
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