Topics: Maslow's hierarchy of needs, Abraham Maslow, Want Pages: 2 (768 words) Published: March 7, 2013
Like the others I want you to know what I learned about this amazing magazine. First I will tell you how to boost your Immunity. As you become older, your immune system becomes less effective, putting you at greater risk of infection, especially from bacteria and viruses. Good thing is that there are many natural ways to boost your immunity. American writer Susannah Marriott in her book 1001 ways to stay young naturally shares some tips on how you can boost your system. This is the some tips drink more green tea, sleep matters, fresh produce, eat garlic, yoga for the over tired, drink probiotics, make chicken soup and lastly extreme vitamin c. Secondly I want you to know the PROJECT JOBFITS. Senator Cayetano noted that according to the department of labor and employment (DoLE) and study entitled “Project Jobfits 2012,” the services sector will be the main creator of job between years 2012 and 2020. The labor department wants to show that contrary to what most people believe, there are jobs available in the country. Here are the lists of jobs (per industry) that are waiting to be filled in. Agribusiness, cyber services, health, wellness and medical tourism, hotel and restaurant, mining, construction, banking and finance, manufacturing, ownership dwellings/real/retirement estate, wholesale/retail, overseas employment and emerging industries. Thirdly the topic is Between Wants and Needs. There are two fundamental facts which provide a foundation for the field of economics and, in fact comprise the economizing problem. It is important to understand these two facts because everything that follows the study of economics depends directly or indirectly upon them. In economics, a WANT is something that is desired. And a NEED is something that is necessary for survival (such as food and shelter), hierarchy of needs is made by Abraham Harold Maslow. In the top is Self-actualization example of this is morality,...
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