Herpes Zoster Ncp

Topics: Infection, Fever, Infectious disease Pages: 2 (372 words) Published: April 7, 2013
assessment| diagnosis| planning| Intervention| evaluation| Name: Leona VillaAge:50 years oldSubjective:“Makati yung mga mapupulang tumutubo sa balikat ko at sumasakit pa, parang namamanhid pa kung minsan” as verbalized by the patient.Objective:-warm to touch-irritable at timesVital Signs:BP: 110/70mmHgPR:89 beats per minuteRR:19 breaths per minuteTemp:37.8 degrees Celsius*With a history of chickenpox*With maculopapule rashes @ the right shoulder| Acute pain related to nerve root inflammation and skin lesions.Hyperthermia related to viral infection| To assist client to explore methods for alleviation or control of painTo promote wellnessAfter 8 hours of nursing interventions, the patient will demonstrate temperature within normal range and will experience no associated complications.| Determine client’s acceptable level of pain.Rationale: varies individual and situation.Note when pain occurs.Rationale: to medicate in time if neededProvide comfort measuresRationale: to promote non pharmacological pain managementInstruct in/ encourage use of relaxation techniques such as focused breathing, imaging, and cd.Rationale: to distract attention and reduce tensionAdminister analgesics as prescribedRationale: to maintain acceptable level of painEncourage adequate rest periodsRationale: to prevent fatigueReview ways to lessen pain Rationale: to learn relaxation techniquesProvide isolation or monitor visitors as indicated.Rationale: Body substance isolation should be used for all infectious patients and patients with diseases transmitted through air may need airborne and droplet precautions.Wash hands with antibacterial soap before or after care of the patient.Rationale: Reduces the risk of spreading the infectionEncourage patient to cover mouth and nose during coughs or sneezes.Rationale: Prevents the spread of infection via airborne dropletMonitor patient temperature, degree, and pattern.Rationale: Fever patter aids in the disease process and diagnosis.Observe for...
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