Hero Honda Project Report

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Marketing Strategies
HONDA Products & Services


Table of Contents

▪ Executive Summary
▪ Company Profile
▪ Organization's Philosophy
▪ Objective
▪ Research Methodology
▪ Products & Services
▪ Analysis
▪ Training & Development for better Performance
▪ Limitations
▪ Recommendations
▪ Conclusions
▪ Bibliography
▪ Annexure


I feel great pleasure to submit this report as the culmination of efforts by my teachers and me. This is the last step of my path leading to graduate degree in Management through PGDM. This project is the result of my hard work, sincerity, and devotion, & put my best to complete and in turn, gain lots of knowledge and confidence from this project. I am deeply thankful to my project guide Mr has been successfully guided me at all and every time at every steps. They had been a constant guiding force and source of illumination for me. It entirely goes to their credit that project has attained its final shape. I would like to thank them for their valuable advices and guidance and I would like to use their advices and guidance in my future for my better.

Lastly, I am very thankful to my parents and all those people has been supported me directly or indirectly, without their constant support and help this project report never be successful completed.


Automobile Industry has grown up very fast all over the world with the rapid change in Science & Technology. They had become the necessity of today’s people. In India only there are around 5-10 Manufacturers of two wheelers. There is very stiff competition prevailing in the market nowadays and it is very difficult for companies to survive in the market.

Honda is the world’s largest producer of two wheelers. It provides the quality product at very competitive price. It has the wide range of products all over the world. In India they separately started their business in 2001. They had only five products in the market till now & all of them are doing great business in India. Recently they had launched the new sporty look HONDA UNICORN and HONDA SHINE with many new innovations. In terms of quality and efficiency what I had noticed in these 2 years is that Honda’s product are much better than those of other companies product. They are been developed by the company by doing an extensive research of the Indian roads, understanding customers need and desires, and providing comfort while riding.

I had been working on this project from last three months. This project explains our daily routine work and the overall system which we follow to attend the customers. The main aim of project is to highlight the sales procedure and the customers views on our efforts. The study includes the brief explanation of products and then customers feedback form which is been filled by some of my customers.

This project aims to provide the whole information about the features & benefits of Honda’s product as well as the feeling of joy of affiliation –a positive feeling resulting from a relation with Honda. Honda work on the policy of (FABE) which means Features, Advantage, Benefits & Evidence.

An analysis has been drawn from this study by showing the customers feedback on our work and how they rate us in the Sales Feedback Form. The customers whom I had attended and given the delivery of the vehicles during my training period are collected in this feedback form.

History of Honda
The Man & The Machine


Hero, the brand name synonymous with two-wheelers in India, is a multi-unit, multi-product, geographically diversified, Group of Companies - the reflection of the steely ambition and indomitable grit of the Munjal Family. Hero began its journey around five decades ago. Munjal Brothers, the founders of the Hero Group, started out in 1956 in business of bicycle...
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