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INTRODUCTION 1. OFFICIAL GUIDANCE. This guide is designed to prepare and train First Class Petty Officers (FCPO) for their future leadership roles and to maintain continued focus and development once selected to the rank of Chief Petty Officer. As enlisted leaders, FCPOs play a vital role in the development and mentorship of junior Sailors. Training and guidance to strengthen their leadership skills are important to ensure their success by building a foundation that will ensure mission readiness. Becoming a Chief carries even greater responsibility as these leaders are charged and accountable for the professional development and guidance of Sailors and junior officers across the Fleet. Maintaining technical proficiency, as well as enhancing skills as leaders, is paramount to the success of the men and women who serve and to the mission of the Navy. 2. CANCELLATION. None. 3. APPLICABILITY. This Chief Petty Officer 365 Development Guide (CPODG) may be utilized in the execution of all phases of CPO 365 to strengthen and fortify the leadership skills of our FCPOs. It is also a valuable resource to all Sailors who possess a desire to gain valuable knowledge through the experience of the Chief Petty Officers‘ Mess. Completion recommendations for FCPOs participating in CPO 365 are outlined in each section. 4. HOW TO COMPLETE. It is important that each section of the CPODG be completed at the appropriate level and in its entirety. The Outline portion for each section contains specific details on recommendations for completing that particular section. a. Before getting started, FCPOs should read through the entire guide and schedule Career Development Boards (CDB) with their respective Command Senior Enlisted Leaders (SEL) and Leading Chief Petty Officers (LCPO). This preparation is critical as SELs and LCPOs will provide clear guidance and mentorship on completing this guide successfully. b. Upon completion of each section of the CPODG, members should obtain their Command SEL‘s signature on the associated CPODG section completion card. The Final Qualification Card will be signed only after all three section‘s completion cards are signed. 5. QUALIFIER. Qualifiers must be Chief Petty Officers, Senior Chief Petty Officers or Master Chief Petty Officers in the Navy. All qualifiers must be familiar with the CPODG and its guidance prior to affixing their signatures. SELs are encouraged to develop a list of Chief Petty Officers authorized to sign the CPODG.

6. CONTENTS. The CPODG is divided into three sections corresponding with the three phases of MCPON‘s CPO 365 guidance. The breakdown is as follows:  SECTION I (PHASE 1) – BUILDING A FOUNDATION (First Class Petty Officer) o Fundamentals: Understanding Mission, Vision and Guiding Principles (MVGP). The Fundamentals contains a series of 10 questions that pertain to each MVGP. This requirement is designed for FCPOs to provide their insight and to gain knowledge through discussion with Chief Petty Officers. o As MCPON (SS/SW) Rick West said, "The future of our Navy has never been in better hands because of the immense talent and tenacity developed on the deckplates. Over the years, through proven results and commitment, we have grown to expect only high standards from our Sailors, particularly the First Class community poised to join the CPO Mess. They represent a tremendous resource, capable of unlimited innovation, expertise and leadership when we actively challenge them to make an impact. CPO 365 is designed to achieve exactly that . . . to properly prepare our First Classes for the next level of leadership and responsibility.‖ o Reading Requirements: This section consists of various articles, speeches, and writings. Knowledge is power and as Chiefs, it is essential to stay current with ongoing issues, and understand new policies, instructions and guidance in order to perform the job of a...
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