Henry Daughters

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  • Published : April 8, 2013
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Henry’s Daughter
Henry’s daughter is an educational film that helps engineering and business students observe and realize multiple ethical issues in and out of the work place. The video helps students identify unethical situations and how to go about resolving and avoiding them. Some of the ethical situation’s that occur throughout the film deal with: sexual harassment among co-workers, bribery and unjust favors, intellectual property sharing, and various influential political factors. I. Henry’s Perspective:

Henry is retired but is still a well-connected transportation lobbyist for various clients. One of his clients, GUIDEME, designed a boat with state of the art automated driving technologies that was sure to take the transportation industry by surprise. Unfortunately the technology necessary required a great deal of funding, funding that GUIDEME did not have. So being an influential lobbyist, Henry called up a buddy of his who happened to be a Senator for a boat ride. Henry then persuaded the Senator to fund a transportation design competition called SANSHANDS with the stipulation that GUIDEME would win regardless of how well other competing businesses preformed. This becomes an ethical situation because the money provided by SANSHANDS is state-funded and will be directly awarded to his client, GUIDEME. That being said, GUIDEME was given an unfair advantage over the other competitors. Henry also helped one of the competition judge’s sons get a full ride scholarship into a competitive institution, which further muddied the water. Henry also promised one of the judges a job as a technical liaison for the GUIDEME Company if they were to receive full funding from the SANSHANDS competition. Henry also attempted to persuade one of his daughter’s into changing her endorsement from OTOCAR to GUIDEME.

Henry’s actions were not only unethical they were also illegal. Henry rigged a state funded competition so that one of his competitors would have an unfair...
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