Hemingway and Today

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  • Published : April 14, 2013
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Hemingway and Today
Reading Hemingway’s Short Stories that were wrote at least 80-90 years ago apply to today in a lot of different ways. In “Soldier’s Home,” a young man named Harold Krebs is dealing with PTSD, which a lot of people deal with today coming home from war. In “Indian Camp,” racism was the issue; you still see racism today just differently. In “Hills like White Elephants,” a young American man would like a woman to get a simple operation, an illegal abortion, still a topic today that people fight over. Hemingway’s Stories fit today in many different ways just a little different circumstances. Many people coming home from war today are suffering with PTSD just like Krebs did. The difference is today everyone is better educated on the symptoms and how to help someone with PTSD. They have made it well aware that this disorder may and will appear after traumatic events. Today Krebs would have had an easier transfer between worlds and his family would have been educated on how to help him. Today racism is not as much a problem as it was in “Indian Camp,” but it is still an issue. People today are more excepting of the different people in the world and less excepting of racism. Today the world is very mixed with many different races and ethnics that you can’t get away for the different. Personally I think everyone is a little racist in a different way than in “Indian Camp,” today’s racism is more against the people that have offended our nation. Abortion is still a topic a lot of people argue about today. A simple operation like an abortion has changed a lot since “Hills like White Elephant,” today abortions are frowned upon by many but are no longer illegal everywhere. It is still a simple operation but today the doctors are educated in how to do the procedure and it is safer then back then. Today an abortion is the woman’s choice and a man would never be able to make a woman get an abortion in normal circumstances. Hemingway’s Short Stories pertain...
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