Help for Homeless Teenargers Network

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A voice, someone to talk too, free and painless advice; something everybody wants and most of us are very lucky to have it but some don’t. A national help line called the Help for Homeless Teenagers Network (HHTN) was set up so that teenagers having difficulties at home, school or anywhere could call up and have someone to talk to, someone to confide in and get advice if they had no one else.

There are 45 highly experienced employees working on this phone line and they wanted to become something more, bigger and help more and so the idea of building a residential home for troubled teenagers was then put down on the table. Complaints have been made throughout the town about this home because of waste of space and money reasons but some people just don’t seem to care about these teenagers nor about their feelings which isn’t right since no complaints were made when the elder’s nursing home was built. I know that everyone is entitled to their opinion but some of these teenagers feel insecure with themselves and just need someone to talk to or somewhere to stay and this is exactly why this house is being built and people have to understand that it’s for a good cause and won’t be wasted.

It’s understandable that people don’t want this home because these teenagers may be troubled and many may feel uncomfortable or unsafe being around them, but they are just teenagers and they aren’t capable of doing anything bad. The teenagers are going to build a playground but some parents are worried about their children being in a playground with troubled teenagers but a playground is meant for any one, it is an area meant for people to relax and have fun, and there are no age limits. These teens may be young but they are responsible and are just trying to get a better and brighter future. Are you going to stand in their way?

Other homes have been built in other towns, and they didn’t receive any complaints. These homes only do good...
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